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Efficient management of your overall assets is becoming increasingly challenging due to several factors: Tax and legal frameworks are constantly changing; the banks’ financial products and their investment alternatives are becoming increasingly complex and less manageable. Other important factors are succession planning, including inheritance planning, long-term assets and cash flow planning as well as the required international diversification.

Our Family Office 360grad provides you with the necessary transparency within the scope of holistic, independent and competent support. In accordance with our mission “Capital preservation over generations”, we always keep an eye on the entire family circle.

„There are thousand ways to lose money, but only two to earn it: Either we work for money or money works for us.”

Bernhard Baruch, financier, economist



Managing and increasing huge assets is a highly complex task. We offer services to families in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Majorca that is based on our long-term experience and competence combined with our reliable network. In addition, we cooperate with specialists around the globe that are equally competent and independent.

This is how we keep an eye on your assets from different perspectives. For this purpose, we have implemented specific security mechanisms and manage transactions independently of banks to your best advantage. As a sign of our independence, we charge exclusively on a fee-basis.