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Your family compass 360 degrees The key strategy for every entrepreneurial family

„Families lose their businesses in the first generation for lack of insight, in the second generation for lack of harmony, and in the third generation for lack of interest.“
Jürgen Köster


The 360-degree family compass helps to get a grip on the conflict-ridden mixture of management, property and family, emotional and factual motives and to achieve the goal of preserving and increasing companies and assets for future generations.

We show you the typical challenges for family entrepreneurs. We support you in openly discussing, resolving and fixing conflicts about values, goals and roles. Family business harmony arises when the values of the family are aligned with the values of the company and are lived authentically. A growing number of shareholders can lead to diverging interests, growing demands and increasing distance from the company and from each other.

The integration and qualification of the next generation is elementary:

A solidly developed family compass serves as a clear orientation compass that can be understood as a process. It helps form family members into a group with a common view of the company and family, as well as reducing misunderstandings. The whole thing builds on the status quo of the family and provides answers to the core questions. One of the goals is to prepare the next generation for their tasks and to ensure their education. Since everyone is included in the development, as well as all internal developments, and care is taken to ensure that the family compass always remains action-oriented and concrete, it is lived in the family.

The family compass 360 degrees helps ...

… to get a grip on the conflict-laden mixture of leadership, property and family, of emotional and factual motives, and to achieve the goal of preserving and increasing the company and assets for future generations.

Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg and Thomas Andrew Zenner

We believe that only a self-managed family is able to answer the strategic questions that will determine the future of family, business and wealth.

We look forward to walking this path together with you.